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Important: the donated item must be located within the greater Washington, DC area (DMV).



The piano is one of the most necessary instruments for music education, composition, theory, rehearsal, and performance. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive instruments. With your help and generous donation, we can provide pianos to build a stronger musical community. Your piano may find a home in lesson studios, rehearsal studios, arts organizations, schools, performance venues, or be given to a student and/or musician in need.  We strive to provide a reliable, expedient, hassle-free source to gift your piano.



$3,000 value 

New to Good Condition. Workable studio instrument.

Repairs not necessary.

Consider the cost of relocation versus the value of the piano.

Local applicants only: DC, VA, MD

MOVING AND TRANSPORTATION.  We strongly recommend professional movers for pianos. We recommend Bookstore Movers in Washington, DC.  Email them here.  Mention an M4Arts donation.  If a direct donation to a recipient, any costs can be shared by mutual agreement between donor and recipient.

Other Instruments or Equipment

Orchestral instruments, guitars and non-orchestral strings, woodwinds, brass, etc.

We can place most musical instruments and musical equipment.

Items must be in good condition and not in need of significant repairs.

Please submit at least one photo of the item.

Serious Donors Only

Please only submit if you intend to follow through with your donation. Because the donation process involves various people and their time, we require that donors hold their donated item for 30 days after submitting the donation form.

Tax Deductions

Donations made to our 501(c)(3) public charity may be tax deductible depending upon your particular circumstances.  You will receive documentation of your donation for your tax records upon request. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation will help to further the M4Arts mission of building artistic communities.


We do not publish or divulge any donor personal information or contact information, however potential recipients who have completed our adoption application will be given the donor email address to make contact.


There are no fees for our services in accepting instruments or matching donors and recipients.  Monetary donations cover our costs for the website, personnel and advertising.  We would appreciate a monetary donation (suggested minimum $50) to support our organization.

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Front view with keyboard cover retracted and keys showing fully, bench under keys.  If Grand or Baby Grand, piano top should be open.  Additional photo side view can be helpful.  Fill the entire frame with the piano.

Other Instruments or Items

Fill the entire frame of the picture with the item.  A second picture may be helpful.

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